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Pic of the Week - Page 170

Cat & Rat

Location : Afton, Minnesota where we lived at the time. No Photoshop, this is an image straight out of camera, SOOC as they say! It was captured over 20 years ago; it has been scanned from Fuji transparency film. How do you think it was shot? They are both live pets and were not at all harmed.

This image was captured using a tripod-mounted Canon T90 camera and a Canon 100mm lens. I focused midway between the cat’s eyes and the rat. The shutter speed was set to 1/60th of a second for flash synchronization and the aperture to f/8 using 50ASA film.

It was shot on a table and Ratty is in a box with two glass sides and a thin wooden mouse-hole on one of those glass sides. There is a black cloth over Ratty’s box and back to the camera. The cat did not need to be invited he knew what he wanted for Christmas (he got a tin of tuna instead). He was so close to the glass that a strobe was fired into the gap between the car and the rat.

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